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Managed services are an expertise, managed services are our expertise

Ikoula managed services are based on a common foundation of commitments and guarantees, to which are added 3 levels of services, to adapt to the needs and objectives of each company.

Ikoula is aware that needs and constraints differ from one company to another, and can adapt to the specifications or procedures specific to your infrastructure or applications.

Our levels of service 3 different levels to suit your needs, from simple monitoring to complete management of services

  • SILVER level

    SILVER level

    Based on professional infrastructures and network, this level guarantees customer and equipment support, combined with a general supervision layer.

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  • GOLD level

    GOLD level

    In addition to the above services, we offer a monitoring layer that can be customised to your requirements (items, thresholds and alert levels subject to validation1), as well as assistance with operating system (OS) management.

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    (1) In accordance with the procedures established by the customer and implemented by Ikoula.
  • PLATINUM level

    PLATINUM level

    This is the most comprehensive level, including the previous services and guaranteeing complete outsourcing of the company's information systems, with a dedicated team of technicians, as well as global management of the operating systems (OS) and defined software layers, while benefiting from an optimal level of protection (ESET protection services included).

    Free CYBERWATCH vulnerability and compliance management included in the PLATINUM level

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  • Ikoula managed services "à la carte"

    In the case of a punctual need or as a complement to your level of service, you also have the possibility of ordering punctual support services directly from your Extranet interface.

    These services, charged by the hour, are available for level 1 (handling operations), level 2 (system administration) or level 3 (complex administration) operations.

These 3 offers are subject to commitment.

If you need more customized supportYou can call on the services of an Operational Account Manager (or ROC for "Responsable Opérationnel de Compte"), who can provide overall support for all your products and services, whatever your level of service. Ask for a personalized quote

Discover the different levels of managed services Several levels of service for your infrastructure

SILVER level
General monitoringCustomer and hardware
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GOLD level
Co-management SILVER level
+ Customized monitoring
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Complete management of servicesGOLD level
+ Complete administration
(advices, evolutions, technical management…)
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Guaranteed Response Time (GRT) for technical questions by email (working hours)6 hours4 hours2 hours
Guaranteed Response Time (GRT) for technical questions by phone (working hours)30 minutes15 minutes15 minutes
Hardware Guaranteed Replacement TimeWithin 12 hoursWithin 6 hoursWithin 4 hours


FORTINET firewallAs an optionAs an optionMandatory, extra charge
ESET antivirus solutionAs an optionAs an option
Daily checking of back-upsAs an optionAs an option
Application of security updates validated by the customerCan be ordered via punctual support servicesAs an option
Back-up space50 GB included100 GB included100 GB included
Access to technical support by telephone 24x7As an optionAs an optionIncluded
Monthly time allocated to requests (excluding services already included)As an option30 minutes per server1 hour per server
Support from an Operational Account Manager (or ROC)*
At least 1 day/quarter
As an optionAs an optionAs an option
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Why choose managed services from IKOULA? Managed services are an expertise, managed services are our expertise

Today, more than ever, information systems management is one of the top priorities for businesses, whatever their size or sector of activity.

Choosing to outsource all or part of your IT services, by entrusting your infrastructure to specialists in IT hosting and managed services, can be a very wise strategic choice.

By taking care of technical maintenance, monitoring, supervision and back-up,IKOULA enables you to focus on your core business while advising and supporting you on a daily basis in the creation of infrastructures that meet your needs and enable you to achieve your objectives.

Our commitmentsto all our levels of services

  • dedicated-team
    A team of dedicated and responsive experts at your service

    Our teams of managed services experts are available and responsive, and are dedicated to responding quickly and effectively to your needs by helping you manage your information system.... Whether you are facing complex technical challenges or simply looking for advice, we can offer you solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  • hardware-maintenance
    Hardware maintenance

    Hardware maintenance is a key component of any reliable IT infrastructure. At Ikoula, we are committed to ensuring the stability and performance of your hardware.... Our experienced teams carry out regular checks, updates and preventive interventions to guarantee optimum continuity of service and minimise risks of all kinds.

  • monitoring-interface
    Access to technical support via the dedicated interface (email, tickets, telephone)

    We understand the importance of quick and easy access to technical support when you need it. That's why we offer several channels for contacting our teams, whether by email, ticket system or telephone.... We're always ready to answer your questions, solve your problems and provide you with the assistance you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

  • controle-total-ressources
    Dedicated and secure customer interfaces (billing, statistics, reports, etc.)

    Use our dedicated and secure customer interfaces to consult your invoices, analyse your statistics and generate detailed reports.... This gives you complete visibility over your services, so you can make informed decisions with confidence. What's more, our commitment to security ensures that your data remains confidential and protected at all times.

  • hardware-monitoring
    System (CPU, RAM, storage, etc.) and application monitoring, monthly reports by e-mail

    Constant monitoring of your system is essential to identify and resolve potential problems before they become critical.... At Ikoula, we actively monitor the performance of your infrastructure to ensure maximum availability and optimum performance. What's more, our monthly email report gives you a clear overview of the condition of your system and the measures taken to maintain its overall reliability and security.

  • backup-policy
    Definition of the back-up policy by the customer

    Back-up is crucial to ensuring business continuity and protecting against data loss.... At Ikoula, we work closely with you to define a customized back-up policy that meets your specific data recovery, retention and security needs. We are here to advise you and help you implement a robust and reliable back-up strategy, protecting you against hardware, software and cyber-attacks.

Your guarantees on all our levels of services

  • network-availability
    Network Availability Rate /
    Connectivity guarantee at 99.95%

    Network connectivity is a vital element in ensuring that your online services run smoothly. At Ikoula, we are committed to maintaining a network availability rate of 99.95%, ensuring that your applications and services remain accessible to your users, whenever and wherever they are.

  • guaranteed-response-time
    Guaranteed Response Time (GRT)
    mail (6 hours) / telephone (30 minutes)

    In the event of a problem or emergency, it's essential to be able to rely on a fast and efficient response from your service provider. That's why we offer a Guaranteed Response Time (GRT), with response times of just 30 minutes for telephone enquiries and 6 hours for e-mail requests.

  • hardware-guaranteed-response-time
    Hardware Guaranteed Replacement Time
    Within 12 hours

    In the event of hardware failure, rapid replacement is crucial to minimise downtime and maintain business continuity. That's why we offer a Hardware Guaranteed Replacement Time (GTR) of less than 12 hours. Our stock of spare parts enables us to respond quickly to hardware incidents, ensuring that your equipment is repaired or replaced in the shortest possible time, minimising disruption to your business.

Examples of infrastructuresthat can be managed by IKOULA Teams
  • WEB & DATABASES(separated without redundancy)
    WEB & databases

    Ideal for non-critical sites that still need a certain amount of computing power

  • WEB & DATABASES(with redundancy)
    WEB & databases

    Suitable for high-stakes and/or mission-critical sites requiring high availability/redundancy

  • WEB & DATABASES(separated with redundancy)
    WEB & databases

    Corresponds to the hosting of high-stakes data complying with the Security Assurance Plan (SAP) of large organizations.


    Perfect for a team of web developers or small web agencies. Our experts will support you in building and upgrading your infrastructure.

    (all including redundancy)

    Designed for high-stakes sites requiring high availability and end-to-end redundancy, and capable of withstanding occasional peaks in workload.

Want to customize your architecture?With advice and help from the IKOULA teams Contact our Sales Team

Choose the right level of serviceFrequently asked questions

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What are managed services?
Managed services involves a company entrusting its Information System or IS to a service provider (for example, the management of its IT assets, data and applications). This means that the service provider will be responsible for technical maintenance of the IT infrastructure, monitoring and securing all systems and networks, technical support, monitoring and back-up on behalf of the customer. This outsourcing can be total or partial.
Why choose managed services for your infrastructure?
By choosing managed services, you can entrust the maintenance of your information system to professionals who have a thorough understanding of the various issues facing the IT sector.
By opting for managed services, you choose:
  • Peace of mind: opting for managed services means you can stay informed in real time about the condition of your infrastructure via a dedicated and secure Extranet. If necessary, our teams of experts - based in our data centres - will intervene automatically. So there's no need to worry about it! You can refocus on your core business!
  • Security: because the security of our Information Systems is our priority, our teams follow a very strict daily monitoring protocol, which enables them to spot potential vulnerabilities and correct them as quickly as possible. This protocol includes :
    • Extensive monitoring, with verification of recognized sources (operating system official sites, such as Debian or Centos, but also specialized sites such as ANSSI, Zataz or NVD)
    • Updating internal information databases, listing application information (names and versions concerned) as well as customer documentation, with explanations of the vulnerabilities identified and the corrective measures taken (available via each customer's Extranet).
    • Direct communication towards customers according to the criticality of the faults identified, to plan the operations to be carried out.
  • Control: from IKOULA's secure Extranet, you can monitor the performance of your platform according to your KPIs. Our teams will also work with you to adjust and adapt your infrastructure as your business evolves, while keeping your costs under control.
How do you choose the right managed services package?
There are a number of criteria to take into account when choosing the managed services package that best suits your needs and your platform(s). These will essentially depend on your infrastructure and the services you host on it:
  • Technical skills available in-house or not (dedicated team?) for IS management,
  • Ability to maintain a more or less complex IT infrastructure in-house (hardware, networks, security, etc.),
  • Need for resources,
  • Criticality of the data or applications hosted,
  • The need or desire to keep control of your infrastructure or, on the contrary, to free yourself from these responsibilities, etc.
are some of the criteria that need to be taken into account when choosing a package.
Do I still have access to my IS or platforms?
Even if your platforms or IS are managed directly by our teams, IKOULA provides you with a range of reporting and supervision tools that you can access via a single and secure web interface, the Extranet. This interface provides you with all the information you need to manage your platforms:
  • Systems and services monitoring
  • Monitoring dashboards
  • Monitoring of key indicators
  • Intervention reports
  • In the case of the Operational Account Manager (OAM or "ROC") option is chosen, a quarterly steering committee is held.
  • And much more information.
What practical steps can IKOULA's managed services teams take?
It all depends on the level of service chosen and the company's objectives/needs. Examples include :
  • Creation of a VirtualHost (web configuration, database with user, SFTP user, etc),
  • Analysis and implementation of specific configurations according to customer requirements (redirection, URL rewriting, caching, etc),
  • Monitoring security updates and vulnerabilities on servers and applications, analyzing them and offering solutions to the customer, then applying the corrective measures in agreement with the customer.
  • Monitoring of the platform, with advice on its development. A steering committee can even be set up, either in a conference call or even on site, not forgetting support from an Operational Account Manager (OAM or "ROC").
  • Daily monitoring of platform back-ups, with automatic correction of errors (upgrades, etc.). The important thing is ALWAYS to have a functional back-up!
Why choose IKOULA for your managed services?
Choosing IKOULA's managed services offers a number of advantages:
  • Monitoring is fully customizable:
    • templates "made in IKOULA" can be applied, with the possibility of modifying the thresholds according to your needs,
    • web scenarios can be created and monitored, based on the response code, the text search on the page or the response time
    • specific monitoring features can be created in collaboration with IKOULA teams
    • procedures for intervening in the event of alerts can also be put in place
  • Particular attention is paid to back-ups:
    • they can be customized (schedule, frequency and back-up method: file copy, dump, etc.)
    • they are located on a remote site by default (for example, if your infrastructure is located in our IKDC1 datacenter, the back-up will automatically be located in our 2nd datacenter, IKDC2, and vice versa).
  • Several DRP options are available, including full replication of the main platform, or recovery of a more limited platform operating in downgraded mode.
Need more information?About our MSP Managed Services offerFind out more